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From devastating global recessions to industry-changing 'aha' moments, listen to our business lead hosts push the boundaries past the surface for an in-depth, insightful glimpse at the antifragility of the Arabian Peninsula.

Take a seat at the majlis to hear prominent guests recount their fate at the brink of failure, re-live their antifragile moment, discover their foresight and zealousness, and discover what’s next for their journey, industry, and the changing world order.

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Listen to the growth narratives behind the GCC regions.
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Discover Tracks

We have identified key Tracks where this transformation is most palpable, each one representing a pillar of advancement: Technology & Innovation, Finance & Economics, Human Capital & Education, Infrastructure, Government & Law, and Sustainability.

Through "Antifragile Talks," our mission is to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary individuals and groundbreaking initiatives originating in countries like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, which are rapidly reshaping not only the region but also leaving an indelible mark on the global stage.

Join us on this interactive journey to experience the extraordinary work coming out of the GCC and be a part of the conversation that will define tomorrow.


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Why the "Majlis?"

"Majlis," in Arabic, refers to a traditional gathering or assembly where people come together to discuss a wide range of topics, share stories, and engage in conversation. The term is deeply rooted in Arabian culture and reflects the importance of communal dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

In the context of "Antifragile Talks," the concept of the Majlis serves as a sub thesis that underlines the essence of the podcast. The show can be seen as an invitation for outsiders to participate in a modern-day Majlis, where they have the opportunity to sit down with the movers and shakers of the GCC region. In these interactive discussions, the podcast guests not only share their success stories but also the challenges they encountered and overcame on their path to becoming antifragile.

By framing the show as a contemporary Majlis, "Antifragile Talks" cultivates an atmosphere of openness, collaboration, and the exchange of knowledge. It enables the audience to learn from the experiences and resilience of the region's prominent figures, gaining insights into how they embraced adversity, adapted to it, and ultimately emerged stronger. Just as in a traditional Majlis, the podcast fosters a sense of community, bridging the gap between insiders and outsiders to collectively explore the transformative journey of the GCC and its remarkable antifragile evolution.

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Join the conversations about the ever-changing nature of the Arabian Peninsula and the initiatives, businesses, and actors shaping its landscape. Dive deep into the insights, successes, and aspirations with ‘Antifragile Talks’ as we explore the future of the Middle East and the exceptional narratives leading the growth.

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